Guess who's back...again?!

Caledon has been re-formed in preparation for The Old Republic, which comes out on 12/20/11. We will be rolling Sith Empire, on a PVP server. Naturally, all historical members of Caledon wishing to play with us are welcome. Either find us using the TOR guild finder, or send Tib or I a message and we'll get you in. I'll have Tib/Lye create a set of forums related to TOR shortly. Hope to see you there!

Guess who's back!

Some of the old Caledon players have begun playing Perpetuum!

$10/mo, Just released end of November. Plays similar to Eve, but on the ground, with mechs!

Hit us up on vent if you're interested.

Twelve Kills, Four glaives.

Still keeping up the 33% MH glaive droprate! GO CALEDON!~

Caledon has opened recruitment for most classes to push Sunwell progression. Please click the forums tab on the left and submit an application.


Congrats to Snapples! MH warglaive on third Illidan kill!


Illidan DOWN... Sadly now that Sunwell is out, we haven't beat the game. :(