About Caledon

World of Warcraft Officers:
TBD with WotLK

Warhammer Online Officers:

Warhammer Alliance:
Righteous Agreement (Drunken Horn, Valiant, House of Sagacious, Caledon)

The Guild: Caledon is an online gaming guild spanning multiple games. We have a friendly atmosphere and players who don't mind helping out others for the good of the guild. Our Warhammer chapter is, of course, RvR focused, consisting of a small, elite group(less than 50 currently) of active players. World of Warcraft chapter goals TBD with WotLK. Our forums are available by clicking on the left bar or here.

Any further questions about the guild can be taken up in game with one of the above listed officers. Website questions can be emailed to Torz@caledonguild.com