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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:09 pm    Post subject: CalSec - An Amarrian Militia Corporation - Founded 24 July Reply with quote

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Fellow Guildies, Capsuleers and Friends,

The time has come for Caledon to branch out and develope a name for itself within New Eden. For many years now those of us who have been playing Eve have been aligned with various forces, ranging from friend to foe. The time has come to consoladate under a single banner; one corporation that will unite all of us and bring us the spoils of victory! Victory where you may ask? Not in null-sec that's for damn sure! And W-Space is just a bit too devoid of life (PVP) for us to be terribly interested in it. We want instant action and we want it now! Therefore it is with great pride that I announce our recent alliance and entry into the ongoing conflict between the Amarr and Minmatar (On the Amarrian side).

Ok enough propaganda, let's get down to brass tax.

Lye and Myself have decided that the time has come to try new things in Eve. We decided upon Factional warfare because we love pvp but we're being increasingly distraught about the amount of blob tactics that make up nullsec warfare. Sadly we cannot remain in DAB (along with Yav/Ote) and give Factional warfare a try at the same time. Hence, new corp!

A two person corp is lonely though and it'd be selfish of us to reap the benefits of total victory in factional warfare without extending the invitation
to all current and former Caledon members. If you ever wanted to try Eve, now's your chance!

We will arm you, we will fund you, and most importantly we will teach you how to flourish in arguably the harshest gaming universe around.

Eve PvP is like nothing else; literally there is no equal. If you aren't shaking by the end of your first dog fight then you're doing it wrong Razz

If you think this may be a game you like to play (Perhaps you have tried Eve in the past and had difficulties just 'getting into it') then I urge you
to get in touch with either Lye or Myself over the next week. Our current semi-public in game channel is Caledon Guild. Steam is also an excellent place to contact us (Marthalamule or Lies.) as well as these forums.

We can set you up with buddy invites and get you fast tracked into a quick, easy to learn, fast attack frigate (more than suitable for our Faction Warfare needs) followed by guidance into larger ships based on your preferences. We will also give you your free plex! (Your first paid month is actually 81 days of game time)

We really do hope that you will come give Eve a try with us. It is by far the most interesting MMO currently around and can be an immense amount of fun if you give it a chance. If for whatever reason you aren't terribly interested in PvP, or any combat oriented activities for that matter, then we also have our neutral Logistics, Trade, and Industrial corporation, but more on them later.

Whether you want to play an active role in the war machine, or just feed it fuel, we welcome you to come fly (die) with us.

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