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PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:18 pm    Post subject: Caledon Recruitment Application (Read before posting): Reply with quote

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When you apply to Caledon please copy and paste the following template and create your own thread. Remember that first impressions count, so take your time and be as detailed with your answers as possible; incomplete applications that fail to meet this format have a high probability of being overlooked, ignored, or heckled.

After submitting your application it will be viewed by officers and members alike, and will be responded to by an officer within a day or two. If you do not wish to apply publicly, you may submit your application via a PM to Hedrack.

Be aware that we may require that you attend one of our raids before a guild invite is extended to test whether you are able to perform at the level we expect. Players who are invited to the guild become initiates. During this time, initiates need to prove that they are worth giving a raid spot to for end-game content. A high degree of attendance and skill is expected to be demonstrated. After 2-3 weeks of being an initiate, officers will decide whether to extend the initiate status, promote to raider rank, or kick from the guild.

Our current raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday starting at 7pm and ending at 11pm MST, with invites going out 15 minutes before our start time. If you intend to be a raider and maintain raider rank within the guild, you must plan on being able to attend 90% of the raids. For the raids you cannot make, you must post in the AFK thread, or risk losing your raider rank status for not making it known why you are not at the raid.

Also, we have members who sometimes heckle our applicants. Please direct your attention to a board member's title (located to the left, under the avatar) before taking a post too seriously. If you are emo or cannot take criticism, you should not apply.

1. Character Name:

2. Race/Class/Spec/Professions:

3. Armory Profile for your Character:

4. Raiding Experience (please specify if in a leadership role):

Vashj/Kael vials:

5. Screenshot of your UI:

6. Current Caledon raid times are:
TUESDAY: 7:00 pm server time to 11:00 pm server time
WEDNESDAY: 7:00 pm server time to 11:00 pm server time
THURSDAY: 7:00 pm server time to 11:00 pm server time
SUNDAY: 7:00 pm server time to 11:00 pm server time.

Are you able to make ~90% of these times? Are there any special circumstances we should know about before considering your application?

7. What guild(s) are you coming from and what was the reason for leaving? Are there any members from your previous guild who would vouch for you?

8. Do you know any members that are currently in Caledon?

9. How are you connected to the internet? How reliable is your connection? (Cable, DSL, ISDN, T1, etc.) / Do you have Ventrilo installed with a microphone?

10. Any other information you would like to include about yourself, your character, or why Caledon would be a good fit:

11. Contact information:
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